Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crap is King

50 cent thinks Def Jam has been "rigging" sales. He goes on to say that, "He's never had a fraction of the sales 50 Cent has. They could have one scan and have it count four times. West's entire career hasn't sold half what I sold on my first album."

Wow...this is why you don't make public bets. Ya 'eard?


Nikki Sixx tried his damndest not to talk shit about people. He did pretty good with the whole Tommy/Pamela thing but failed miserably when he subtly called his ex-wife, Donna D'Errico a 'bimbo".


David Lee Roth went a round with Zakk Wylde and I still can't really figure out what's going on. Zakk tried to get onstage or something and DLR called him out? Who knows...


Dave Grohl should work on that temper considering he recently referred to Paris Hilton as, "a total raging, disgusting, rich, lazy party slut." Of course, this is kind of true but geez - very harsh. In general I don't really like that word slut. Actually, I hate it. It's just so tacky.


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ElderEdgeGirl said...

You know for 50 Cent and Kanye to supposedly be so hardcore (esp. Fitty) they sure do their share of bitching, whining and crying when things don't go their way.
What a bunch of pussies!