Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Live Nation Employs Ordained Minister...Lyn Z becomes a Way

So....Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance married Lyn Z of Mindless Self Indulgence last night. If you remember we posted some fun pictures a few weeks ago of them getting their smooch on beside a tour bus. Well kiddoes apparently they think they're in it for the long haul and they've gotten married.
In news equally as important, considering Gerard has based the past, like, 2 years of his life and countless interviews around the fact that he's sober - he's holding a wine bottle. I don't want to get on the "jump to conclusions" mat here - perhaps he's holding for someone...that worked for me the last time I got caught with a joint. Just kidding kids - say no to drugs.

Good for them - I hope they're happy. They sure are cute. :)

p.s. somebody needs to crop that ol' big-faced girl out of the picture.


Petulance said...

Yay for weddings! I think that big faced person is the person who married them. Where was she today when I'm almost sure my dentist was about to ask me to marry him???

Samina Spookiness said...

Does this mean all the teen 'shippers will finally shut up about Gerard? Please say yes. Because if that's so, I'm sending Lyn a big thing of flowers saying "Thank you for taking him off the market!"

Christoph said...

i firmly promise not to shut up about gerard, married or no.

especially if he's hitting the bottle again! fuck yes!

i say game on.

i mean, uh... say no to drugs.

<3 ~C

Petulance said...

haha yes, kids...just say no!

but i think rockstars are always on the market...they don't have rules.

and as long as bob is still planning to marry me, alls well my pretties.

karla said...

oh no...now all the emo kids will lose all hope and conform to pop culture... apocalypse now

Hannah said...

I think it's pretty fuckin awesome. I hope the best for 'em.

ElderEdgeGirl said...

He married ........a WOMAN!?
Wow, after the way he was acting at our Proket Revolution, I figured it would be a MAN, baby!
But......I thought he was dating a make up artist.
How long has he known this chick?
I think it's just the big brother jealousy complex......Mikey did it therefore he has to too.

Oh well, all the best to him.
He's probably doing Frank on the side anyway! hahahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

That wine bottle worries me, what's Gee thinking? :(