Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tommy Lee's life is in shambles

Tommy Lee has left Motley Crue. Apparently they think his manager ruined not only Tommy's career but has also adversely affected the careers of the other three members with his reality tv stunts.

Read all about it here

The saga continues with a statement being made that Tommy is "not going to be in a band again" and that he wants to focus his energy on being a DJ. Watch the video in the link - he looks like a goon. As a side note, I REALLY want to understand DJ music, but I just don't. Sorry.

In related but far more useless news (if that's possible) Kid Rock called Tommy Lee a "loser" on "The Mikey Morning Show." He continues to say that the fight didn't have anything to do with Pam it had to do with Tommy starting shit. I think they're both kind of childish but I'm going to have to take Kid's side on this.

It's official! This picture just gave me cooties.

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