Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Crap is King

To all of you who were defending Don Vito - I guess I won't say I told you so. He was convicted Wednesday for two counts of sexual assault to a child. I love how his attorney is trying to justify his behavior by saying that Bam Margera's fans like it more when Vito acts crazy. I don't think acting crazy should involve groping little girls - I don't care how "out of control" Vito gets. Perv.


Speaking of losers, Ozzy and Rob Zombie hosted a pre-party and invited "special" guests to attend. Little did these guests know they were actually being duped by a clever sting operation. The guests were delinquent on their child support payments and were arrested upon arriving at the venue. What a great way to catch deadbeat dads who like to skip out on court dates.


UPDATE: I just saw a Honda commercial that featured the song Barracuda by Heart. Speaking of hearts - mine is now broken. You damn baby boomers and your affect on marketing.

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