Monday, December 10, 2007

Don't lie - some of you are curious.

I wasn't into the Spice Girls the first time around, but this reunion has captivated me. Surely lead my Victoria Beckham and my fascination with her and her odd, self-deprecating sense of humor I have to admit that I can't help myself. Any show that includes gymnastics, a stripper pole, S&M costumes and Posh feeling like strutting down a catwalk will earn her keep since her lack of singing ability obviously won't, cracks my shit up.

Basically, the called Elton John, Celine Dion, Liberace and Prince and said, "We'd really like to make a show that makes you guys look like Hannah Montana. Can you help us out with that?"



Oh yeah, a little snarkiness goes a long way, eh? Why the f**k is Blender interviewing Perez Hilton? He's so shitty. He's not funny. He's so typical. He's like the hetero housewife friendly gay. It pisses me off. What a poseur asskisser...


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