Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Chem: A to Z

Rock Sound is doing an A to Z interview with My Chemical Romance. Read a few below and then click the link to see the first segment of the interview.

A is for…Acceptance

My Chemical Romance wouldn’t be here without it.

Frank Iero (guitar): “It’s what I felt about punk rock growing up. A show was a place where you could go and feel accepted for who you were. So when I started a band I wanted to create an environment where people could feel like there was somebody else out there who understood them and had their back no matter what.”

Gerard Way (vocals): “Acceptance is a huge part of this band. Punk rock accepted us as kids and in a sense saved our lives because of that. Punk shows gave us a place where we wouldn’t get shot or stabbed.”Frank: “It’s about encouraging self-worth and self-respect.”

B is for…Bullet-proof vests

An indispensable part of the band’s onstage attire.

Gerard: “The bullet-proof vest is a metaphor. It symbolises the fact that this band feels indestructible.”

Frank: “It’s really based on the way we feel onstage. You get into a certain mindset where nothing really matters – you can’t get hurt and nothing fazes you. Together we feel unstoppable.”Gerard: “It’s also about us relating to hip-hop artists. We come from the same world as a lot of them (Newark, New Jersey) and we relate to their drive and the way they don’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks.”

C is for…Concept albums

Breakthrough album ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’ put a whole new spin on the concept record.

Mikey Way (bass): “The album started out as this fictional story but then kind of melded itself into our lives. It’s like a comic book story about a man who comes back from the dead to avenge himself. But on moving to LA we had so many experiences that without us knowing it the album became a fifty-fifty mix between the story and us."

Bob is so much better than their old drummer. Look at him - lame.


Christoph said...

am i the only person that thinks Matty P. was a fantastic drummer?

Sure Bob's wonderful and all... but when was the last time Bob played Our Lady of Sorrows?

last february?

cakes4rockstars said...

that THAT, sir, is why you are THE COMMANDER! every word of it. here, here!