Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Cobra Starship video

The Cobra Starship video for their new single, The City Is At War is posted below. I guess it knocked Britney Spears out of the top ranking on MTV or something because all her little fan girls are up in arms about it. Of course, they think it sucks which they have let people know by typing incoherently and making it perfectly clear that they don't like it because they don't get it.

But let's not be fooled by just the Britney fans out there - there are many, MANY Cobra fans who are also judging people for being new fans. Didn't you know? New fans don't count. Heaven forbid Cobra Starship get on MTV and earn new fans, I'm sure they would much rather stay very small and less profitable, I mean, isn't that what every band wants?

Here's the deal - the Britney fans speak for themselves - they're morons. However, you Cobra fans who think that new fans are poseurs, first you should learn how to spell poseur (it's not poser) and second you should check yourself. When will you people learn that no one cares if you started listening to them in 2005 and if they get some new fans who just like one song that it's alright. Get over yourself.

As for the video - it rules. Very clever, very smart and super cheeky. I don't know if they realize it - probably they do - but the pie as weapons thing was done many-a-moon ago in a movie called Bugsy Malone which starred Scott Baio and Jodie Foster. Pure cheese. Also, Mr. Wentz makes a cameo as the cop. I posted the one from YouTube because the one on has been thoroughly butched with editing.

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