Monday, January 7, 2008

Puh-lease. Like you'd be wearing sweatpants...

People are giving Gwen a bunch of shit about how she wore 5 inch heels to the park to feed ducks with her son, but you know what? Big deal. At least she actually took her son to a park, right? At least he's with her in the majority of the pictures that have been taken of her since he was born. Besides, little kids love that kind of shit. (<---- this attitude is probably why I don't have any yet, ha!) Gwen and I may have our sordid history, but I think it's refreshing to see her and Kingston together all the time. Not to mention that fact that Gavin, who has a sordid history of his own appears to be very active also. Good for them. They look happy - who cares what kind of ridiculous shoes she has on.

p.s. If you knew that every time you went in public someone would be taking your picture - you'd probably dress hot too. Maybe not dominatrix heels - but hot none the less. Trust.

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