Thursday, March 13, 2008

20 Biggest Record Company Blunders

Blender who has lately not been known to be on the up and up with their music news, i.e. the Black Crows illegitimate album review, has listed the 20 Biggest Record Company Blunders. These have facts to back them up, so I think we're safe on the believability.

ANYWAY, this is a great read if you've got 20 or so minutes. Lots of good stuff. The general list is below but click the link at the bottom to read them in detail.

#20 As grunge dawns, one label bets on hair metal

#19 The industry kills the single—and begins its own slow demise

#18 BMG dumps Clive Davis, begs him to return

#17 Thomas Edison disses jazz, industry standards

#16 Warner pays for Wilco record twice

#15 MCA’s teen-pop calamity

#14 Stax Records unintentionally gives away the store

#13 One label’s big spending single-handedly ends “alt-rock” boom

#12 Geffen pumps millions into (the nonexistent) Chinese Democracy

#11 Geffen sues Neil Young for making “unrepresentative” music

#10 Columbia Records loses Alicia Keys, drops 50 Cent

#9 “Digital-rights management” backfires even more badly than usual

#8 Warner junks Interscope

#7 Music publisher gives away Bob Dylan

#6 Casablanca rides strong sales straight to the poorhouse

#5 The RIAA sues a struggling single mom for digital piracy

#4 Indie promoters take the major labels to the cleaners

#3 Motown sells for a pittance

#2 Decca Records A&R exec tells Fab Four, “No, thanks”

#1 Major labels squash Napster


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cakes4rockstars said...

"#11 Geffen sues Neil Young for making “unrepresentative” music"
<3 Neil Young 1000% more than I used to now (which was already round about 145%) ha.