Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rock Sound gets bored at work

Here is a list of band name combinations like you would see in the 'Before and After' category on Wheel of Fortune. Some are good, some are embarrassingly bad.

The Black Dahlia Murderdolls
Panic At The Disco Blood Bath
Perfect Circle Takes The Square
Thirty Seconds To Mars Volta
Machine Head Automatica
Bikini Killswitch Engage

The other ones are alright but most of them are really pushing it. Link

Any new ones you can think of? Here are a few I came up with. I don't think any of them are on there...

Luscious Jackson 5
Beastie Boys Like Girls
Fall Out Boysetsfire
Fiona Apples in Stereo
Stroke Nine Inch Nails
Rage Against The Machine Head

1 comment:

cakes4rockstars said...

i swear it's not just cuz i heart you like crazy but...
yours are soooo much better than theirs. (so much bettah)