Monday, May 12, 2008

Give it a rest already people...

It's a fact that mainstream media outlets like local newspapers, glossy magazines, etc. are having a hard time getting younger audiences to subscribe or hell, to even read it regularly for that matter. News stories like this one are a major contributor. Poor journalists writing about things they don't understand and making assumptions about bands based on their appearance and what they think lyrics mean. Taking things out of context to find a reason why someone committed suicide. Now, I don't know this girl, but did anyone think to look at what kind of parents she had, or how her childhood was - people don't commit suicide over a band. Little do they know that My Chemical Romance fight a constant battle to separate themselves from the suicide culture that has embodied 'dark' music. Journalists who see "The Black Parade" and don't realize it's in reference to a cancer patient, journalists who are total morons with a knack for making news up as opposed to fact checking. This sort of loose interpretation of the truth in magazines and newspapers is exaggerated to sensationalize it to people over the age of 40, which who I also might add are the only ones still reading their papers. The closed-minded and uneducated writing for the closed minded and uneducated. Note to parents: start listening to your kids and acting like you care more about them than you do your internet romances and maybe you won't have this problem. Yeah, I think that about covers it.

Speaking of "The Black Parade" it's officially dead. ---> Here

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