Sunday, June 22, 2008

innerpartysystem - electronic music for people who like to think

So....I was recommended innerpartysystem by a reader a few months ago and only bought the extended single yesterday (what? I've been busy) anyway, it rules. It's pretty far removed from stuff we usually write about but for some reason it clicks.

They recently released a limited edition 7" of their upcoming single "Don't Stop" which is not only made out of chocolate but it actually plays (as long as it doesn't get all melty and f- up the grooves.
Anyway, they're touring with Kill Hannah this summer and I'm so there. Dates and video for "Don't Stop" posted below.
Columbia, Missouri 9 Jul 2008 6:00 P
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 10 Jul 2008 6:00 P


Electric Liz said...

I have just become a fan of InnerPartySystem, many thanks to you. I love finding new electronic bands to listen to, and this one definitely suits my fancy. That, and the video makes me a weird sort of way.

With Muppets, Glitter, Punk Rock, and Caffeine,
Electric Liz from MySpace

Jonas said...

Hey I just discovered your blog when looking for other InnerPartySystem fans. did you see this new video of theirs?:
I found out about it cos i follow them on