Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Alanis and Gavin Rossdale

I love them both and I make no bones about it. Mwah! If you notice they're both really introspective videos. Alanis's video for Underneath focuses more on the two parts of someone battling one another but ultimately trying to reach the same end by different means. Pay special attention to what the things on the wall say towards the end - genius even if it is a little cheesy. The video for Love Remains the Same is interesting because I think it's showing all the things that he is as opposed to all the things people think he is, i.e. soccer player, chef, singer vs. sex symbol, washed up rock star, Mr. Stefani. I'll also add that there is a shower scene. I would like to think it's to represent him cleaning his "former image" however, I'll take it for its more obvious advantages. ;)


Love Remains the Same
Click here to view.

Oh yeah, and the new Weezer video is genius.

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