Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Serpicio album sampler

Scottish metal band Serpico have a downloadable sampler available on their MySpace for their upcoming album. We love Serpico and you should too. They've toured with Stone Gods and Kill Hannah and are amassing a legion of fans as shown by their rapidly growing friend list on MySpace. As I have said before (and by before I mean repeatedly) check them out. If you're a 1-song try kind of person, I recommend Kultura. It rocks my face off.

Download the sampler on their MySpace.

Our interview with Serpico - lead singer Mikey is a friend of ours and pretty damn funny.

Angel of Metal video interview with lead singer Mikey. (hear that Scottish accent - rawr ;))
*click "video interviews" in the top left hand corner then scroll to "Serpico" on the list at the left.

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