Friday, July 4, 2008

Link it like you mean it

Happy 4th of July (to my American readers!) ;)

I bought the new My Chem cd/dvd, "The Black Parade is Dead." I didn't get the whole collector's set thing, however, I listened to the cd and watched some of the performance and as I am sure you all expect - it's really good. Added bonus: Apparently Ms. Sunshine is in the audience for the New Jersey show. It'll be like "Where's Waldo."


Lily Allen talks more about new album.


Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes arrested for knocking the f-ck out of some racist asshole at Warped Tour. All racists deserve to be smacked in the head real good with a microphone.


Pete Wentz talks about McCoy incident.


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cakes4rockstars said...

i think that violence is most often the stupid and lazy reaction to a situation however in some cases a punch in the face is really the only way to go. do that shit, mccoy!