Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Out Boy - "I Don't Care"

Watch the band act like a bunch of d-bags. The highlight? Watching Patrick Stump cover his fat neck during the peformance scenes.

Nice phone placements! No wonder they pulled it.


Gross! Spencer Pratt or whatever the f*ck his name is is at the end. I'm nauseated. Yes, more nauseated them seeing a fake Sarah Palin. Ha!


MABherself! said...

Honestly, I like this video. But it's not as good as they could've made it, the way Pete Wentz hyped it. I think it sucks that they had so many phone placements in it without telling the band or anything. Thats BS.

And yeah, bad move putting Spencer in that video. It actually ruined it for me.

cakes4rockstars said...

and i'm not just saying that because i want to have 1,000,000 of gabe saporta's babies.