Monday, April 13, 2009

Lily Allen @ The Riviera (Chicago, IL 04-12-09)

I had read she was a little scattered live but this was also from her previous, more inebriated tours. Last night, she was perfection. Refreshing, funny, adorable - I don't think there was one complaint I heard walking out of the show other than that it ran a little short at 1:15. There was a nip slip out of her corset, the call out of "dickhead" to the guy in the audience starting fights and a see-through white t-shirt during the encore which got everyone's attention. Funny thing though, I'm pretty sure at this point everyone has seen her breasts so I'm not quite sure why it was such a big deal. ha! Highlight of the evening though was her intro-ing Everything's Just Wonderful with my fav. Lily song, the Mark Ronson produced and Kaiser Chief cover, "Oh My God." Well worth the trip to Chicago.

Set List

Everyone's At It
I Could Say
Never Gonna Happen
Oh My God/Everything's Just Wonderful
Who'd Have Known
Back To The Start
He Wasn't There
The End
Not Fair
F*ck You


The Fear

A couple performance videos - not taken by me. ;)

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