Friday, April 24, 2009

Marilyn resurfaces - Gwen panics - Gavin grimaces

If you know more than the average person about Gavin Rossdale you know he was rumoured to have had a relationship with Marilyn, an androgynous singer from the 80's.  Gavin denied it as did Marilyn at the request of Gavin because Gavin's career was about to take off in the U.S. So now, after marrying and having children with Gwen Stefani, Marilyn has decided to 'out' Rossdale about their 5 year relationship, calling him, "the love of my life."

Jesus Christ.  Seriously?  Who cares?  Not only is Gavin not really relevant anymore (sorry Gav, I love you, but you're not) but Gwen is getting ready to go back out with No Doubt.  Orchestrated?  Yeah, no shit Sherlock.  Marilyn must be really broke and shame on inTouch magazine for paying for a story so old and so lame in an attempt to rock the boat and get some press at Gwen's expense.

Besides - doesn't this look illegal?  I mean, how old is Gavin here, like 12?

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Anonymous said...

Those chicks are kee-ute! It's fun to see Gavin before becoming the fine woman she is today.