Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drake will always be Jimmy to me.

Drake, a rapper who is being touted as "new on the scene" isn't really new at all. It's Jimmy Brooks, from Degrassi TNG. The kid in the wheelchair - but he hates only being known as the kid in the wheel chair. Amiright? Ok, so here's a clip of Jimmy before he was uber-suave 'Drake.' This is if Jimmy hadn't gotten shot. Whoops - did I just spoil it? Anyway, this can't possibly be true. Ashley could never make him walk. She's a pain in the ass. Clearly I know way too much about this show. I am officially a loser.

Enjoy 'Drake'

Enjoy Jimmy


Anonymous said...

Jimmy is my hero. He saved my bacon.

Anonymous said...

i went to the lil wayne concert and he was on stage with him and i was like wow i swear that is jimmy and no one beleived me and then at the end he said it was jimmy!