Thursday, June 25, 2009

Link it like you mean it

Beastie Boys new album track listing.

Marilyn Manson still having a hard time getting back his shock schtick.

Josh Homme trying to work with Mike Patton on new project.

BTW, I met David Sedaris the other day at a book signing. He mostly ignored me in favor of flirting with my male friend Jesse. I would like to say that I'm over it and not bitter, but obviously, that would be a lie since I still insist on talking about it almost a week later. ha!

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Anonymous said...

Your friend must be quite enchanting for David to look past you. Because regardless of David's preference of parts, you must certainly be much hotter than your male friend. You'd be well advised to find much less amazing and deep voiced male friends. Who the fuck has never been to a gas station anyway?... Assuming that came up, of course.