Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mikey Serpico gives a rundown of Kerrang! Awards 2009

Our good friend Mikey of Serpico (best pic ever) had the pleasure of attending the Kerrang! Awards and wrote a full recap which was posted on their MySpace.  There's an exert posted below, but don't miss the full thing if only to see who he hit in the head with the stress ball from his goodie bag.  Fun times.

Highlighted words link to their meaning on Urban Dictionary.  haha


"One of the oddest characters of the evening was one Mr Oli Sykes. He just looked thoroughly glum all night - cheer up dude, it's a fucking party! Firstly he was being followed around all night by a burly body guard. Like a walk around right behind him all night, stand outside the bog while he's taking a shit, kinda bodyguard. Even Jared "White Gloves and Shades on Inside" Leto didn't have a bodyguard. It's the fucking Kerrang Awards - who was gonna go and molest him!? Very strange. The even weirder thing was when he got a shout out on stage from Limp Bizkit (Wes Borland said BMTH were his "favourite new band") he literally just looked totally blank. No thumbs up. No cheer. Not even a smile! If someone from any band had given Serpico a shout out from stage, no matter if I thought their band was the worst ever I'd at least go "cheers mate!" So yeah, generally an odd night for Oli Sykes."

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