Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kat Von D's wig from Halloween Express

Ok. It's probably not from Halloween Express because if it were, it would have looked the same but been a lot cheaper. It looks like shit. Aside from her hair though, she looks better than she usually does. Usually she looks like she smells like pee and bitch. Good for you Kat! She also looks like she's lost some weight, which since she insisted on wearing t-shirts the size of washcloths and pants so low I can see her ovaries, it was really necessary. And don't leave comments about, "She's so talented it doesn't matter how she looks. or It's what on the inside that counts." We all know that's not true, it's just something moms tell their middle school kids (me included) so they don't feel like shit because they're so ugly for three years of their life. I calls it likes I sees it.


AND, if it were even possible...this wig looks better than what she has going on under there. EEK.

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