Wednesday, August 8, 2007

You don't want no drama, drama.

Courtney Love and Lily Allen have kissed and made up after someone apparently broke into Lily's MySpace and left this in a blog:

according to Yahoo, "I am not bfs (best friends) w/ (with) C (Courtney) Love, one night with her made me realise why Kurt (Cobain) killed himself."

I won't play detective here, but I know for a fact Lily has an incorrect habit of putting spaces after all of her commas and clearly whoever wrote this did not. - NEXT!

Courtney responded with a message on her own MySpace blog that Yahoo was kind enough to decipher - the original was completely illegible.

"I wouldn't pick on me if I was Miss Lily, as it wouldn't take TOO much to swat, but we've known each other far too long, like each other far too much and if she was gonna say something nasty she has the acerbic wit and intelligence to say something cutting, that would actually really hurt, not some cliched hoary old chestnut some obsessed blogger would say.

Oh girls - I'm glad we could all be friends.

Lordi's frontman is being attacked by Oderus of Gwar and not by the giant be-toothed vagina that usually attacks people at their shows. After finding out Lordi had cancelled their appearance at "Rue Morgue Horror Con" Oderus stated, "I am very saddened that this Finnish fuck lacks the balls to show up and meet the true master of this Earth, ME! I was planning on giving him his head back!"

Part of me wants to think he's kidding - most of me thinks he's not.


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