Thursday, October 25, 2007


Stories like this are why I write this page. This has got to be the most backwards shit I have heard in a long time. This right here is pure gold.

Frantic students and parents of the University of Kansas called police and the university over concern about a rumor that was spreading like a venereal disease. A few weeks ago, during fall break some dorm windows had been shot out. So, when these symbols -

- started showing up all over campus, things got heavy. An email was sent to 400 students claiming that this symbol represented another shooting and that date was letting them know when it was to happen.

Okay, let's stop here. I'd like to point out a few things. Of course, the majority of us, meaning you and I, know what this is. It's the symbol and release date for the new Coheed album. Upon reading the headline link, which didn't have an image, I thought, "Well, I can see that. The name of the album is "No World for Tomorrow." that could freak people out." Then I realized that it was a symbol and a date - no album title. Riiiight.

Granted, they had a scare with the shots through the windows. I get that. However, I refuse to believe that not one of the 400 people that email was sent to knew what this was. This means there is a population of 400 people at the University of Kansas who are completely unaware of this band. Not to get too far into standard deviations, but statistically you only need a sample of 30 random people to make a fairly consistent conclusion about an entire population so for 400 college students to not know what this is, is amazing to me.

Also, if someone is coming to shoot up a school, why would they tell you the exact day they're going to do it? Just sayin.

*if you would like to discuss my marketing research knowledge further - let me know. I'd be glad to give you further information on how amazing the statistic above is.


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