Friday, November 2, 2007

Amy Winhouse is turning into a talented Britney Spears

Amy Winehouse had a rough night at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Upon accepting her Artists' Choice Award presented to her by Michael Stipe she was only managed to mutter, "Um...thanks". As Stipe put it, "She clammed up, she had a moment there and didn't say anything (on the microphone), which is a little sad,"

Amy, girl. Get it together! Later she performed "Back to Black" with a less than impressive performance. Watch it here:

I've seen clips of her singing drunk, singing high, singing unenthusiastically, but something is seriously going on inside that head of hers. I have never seen such an impressive voice come out of someone who is half-assing it.

Oh yeah, and on top of this, she lost her visa to get into the U.S. after agreeing to pay a fine for getting caught with weed in Norway. Who knew agreeing to pay the fine meant admitting guilt? She can't catch a break.


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cakes4rockstars said...

maybe she's trying to channel the cocteau twins, cuz she definitely ain't singing any actual words in that vid.