Monday, May 26, 2008

Lily Allen isn't modest

Pictures of Lily Allen recently surfaced of her not only swimming topless but also going commando while in Cannes. The topless I get - who cares? They're boobs. What I don't get is the no underwear. If you choose to not wear underwear then you shouldn't sit with your legs in a high cross - you know, where your ankle rests on your opposite knee. You're really just asking for a picture of your business to be photographed. Either way, here's what she had to say about the whole thing:

ps . I don't really like to respond to things I read about my self in the press but , for the record I was not thrown off anybodys yacht in Cannes , occasionally I drink wine with lunch and yes i swim topless , this in my book is not embarrasing behaviour I'm 23 years old it's not my fault if photographers follow me everywhere and need a story to print with their pointless pictures . I wish digital cameras hadn't been invented , if these photographers had to pay for film it wouldn't wouldn't be worth their time , there is nothing proffesional about them , most of them look like they wouldn't be out of place at a BNP meeting . On the other hand digital pictures are easier to retouch , so i shouln't complain . I went for lunch with my ex boyfriend yesterday , lunch . I am not some failed baby making machine desperately to trying to win my man back . Sometimes I think these journalists are still living in the 50's . No one knows anything about my relationships . Ed and I are friends , who went for lunch yesterday , thats it . It's all so sexist , i wonder how many of these male journos , had bought themselves a house by the time they were 23. I work very hard at what i do , yes I like a drink and yes I have my bad days , but that doesn't mean I'm out of control. I'm perfectly capable of looking after my self thank you very much .

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Pictures of Lily's assets. Here and Here (NSFW or kiddies)

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