Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How old are you again?

Wow - who knew people could be so petty?

Whether temporarily or permanently the fact that Van Halen have erased or did erase Michael Anthony from their album covers listed on their site to replace him with Wolfgang, Eddie's son is quite possibly the most juvenile thing I have ever heard.

Roth better watch out - he's outnumbered --->


Zakk Wylde got into a bar brawl and missed his headlining event at Hard Rock Cafe Boston. Wow. Cool guy.


Against Me's singer, Tom Gabel was arrested for allegedly beating someone up over a four letter word written over an article about the band posted on the restaurants wall.


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Anonymous said...

1. i'm not completely against gratuitous boy violence.
2. fuck 'against me'. gutter punk whiners with no code of honor whose fanbase in general need to get a fucking job and stop crying a river over how injust the system is. fuck you. (not you shame-free, just the band and their fans.) haha?