Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well, well, well

So...I guess Gerard really isn't engaged anymore and if he is, he won't be for long. SCANDAL!!!! hahaha

#1 Just a friendly embrace

#2 Wait for it....wait for it....

#3 *thousands of little hearts break everywhere*

That would be Lyn Z from Mindless Self Indulgence.

*thanks to Confessions of Destructo Girl - image source


Anonymous said...

Oh ehm gee...I could really care less that Gerard is "taken" or whatever but wow...haha him and Lyn-Z!?!?

Petulance said...

WOOHOOO!!! GO LYN-Z!!! If I was on that tour I'd be all over that go girl! Ride'em cowgirl!

Anonymous said...

what the fuckin ever.
As long as he's happy & she's supportive of his sobriety.
Nothing else matters.
Little fan girls calm down.

Anonymous said...

Honestly? It looks like she was a little forceful there and he just went with it.
I don't think he's quite ready to jump into another relationship

His track record conveniently ignored.


This tour's almost over anyway.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why he had HUGE hickies on his neck when I saw them earlier this week. hahaha. I think this was taken at the show I was at too.

cakes4rockstars said...

dear anonymous ("i don't think he's quite ready...") stop embarrassing yourself with pretending to know what this famous person who has no actual relationship with you is going through. how the fuck would you know anything about it?
more pix of good looking fuckers making out! good day, sirs!

designgirl said...

sunshine - I totally agree...this has taken on a life of its own - as we all could have predicted

truthfully, that kiss stance reminds me a little of the Time's Square WWII sailor pic "VJ Day" by Eisenstadt (if you're 12, you might want to google it and learn something - he is a photographer you should know)

and no, I am not making it that historically significant