Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Resident Evil album has 14 cool bands and 1 shit one.

Resident Evil: Extinction album track listing

SHADOWS FALL - "Stupid Crazy"
FLYLEAF - "I'm So Sick" (exclusive remix)
EMIGRATE - "My World"
BAYSIDE - "Duality" (string version)
FIGHTSTAR - Deathcar
AIDEN vs. THE LEGION OF DOOM - "One Love" (extinction remix)
THROWDOWN - "I, Suicide"
THE BLED - "Asleep on the Front Lines" (exclusive remix)
CHIMAIRA - "Paralyzed"
COLLIDE - "White Rabbit" (SPC eco mix)
CITY SLEEPS - "Catch Me"
SEARCHLIGHT - "Contagious"
EMANUEL - "Sceneotaph" (exclusive remix)
POISON THE WELL - "Wrecking Itself, Taking You With Me"
IT DIES TODAY - "Sixth of June"


Emanuel are assholes. F*ck 'em. Link

Watch the new Aiden video - why Jeffree Starr? No, really. Why?

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