Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pete and Ashlee have 'Alice in Wonderland' wedding

As you know, I think they're super cheesy, however, I like the idea of an Alice in Wonderland wedding. Also, I think it has been loosely confirmed that she's pregnant. What is with all these girls getting pregnant unexpectedly and having shot gun weddings? Is there some shortage on condoms and birth control that I have not been made privy to? I wonder if they realize that just using birth control doesn't always work. Or maybe they're so busy they take it sporatically, which also doesn't work. Who knows...either way, congratulations to them and wish them all the happiness in the duration of their 2 year marriage - that's a prediction if you didn't catch that.

In a related article from Kerrang! Pete talkes about how Ashlee didn't remember ever meeting him prior to their dating so he had to e-mail her a picture of himself and that he was in the "friend-zone" with her for about year. If it was that naked cell phone picture, that might explain why he was in the friend-zone. Just, ew.

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